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First National University is a full University level institution operating under Congressional Charter from the Congress of the United States, offering both academic degrees through the doctoral and post-doctoral level, as well as degrees in the various healing arts.

FNU is the only university qualified to grant the post-doctoral level degrees above the earned degree of Doctor of Professor1, Master, and Philosopher). These degrees include Philosopher of Science, Philosopher of Medicine, Philosopher of Naturopathy, Philosopher of Chiropractic 2, Philosopher of Osteopathy, and others.3


First National University of Therapeutics
Mecca College of Chiropractic
New Jersey College of Osteopathy4
National School of Physical Culture
United States School of Naturopathy & Allied Sciences
United States School of Physiotherapy
United States Naturopathic Institute
Institute for Advanced Therapeutics and Clinical Pharmacology
College of Oriental Medicine & Therapeutics
College of Ayurvedic Medicine

And other institutions for which charters were also gained
as the result of the efforts of our Founder and Dean,


F.N.U. dates from 1905, when the first Institution was incorporated and chartered.


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1. This is an earned degree of Professor such as found in Europe and Russia; and not the honorary title used by Americans. It requires a Ph.D, and another doctoral level degree to be qualified for the degree program leading to the degree of Professor.

2. Also historically granted by Palmer Chiropratic as an honorary degree from 1908 until its demise in 1968. Palmer no longer grants this degree.

3. Special programs are available to those qualified and wishing to attain these advanced post-doctoral degrees attesting to the attainment of the pinnacle of a profession. ?

4. Please note that New Jersey College of Osteopathy does not grant the Doctor of Osteopathy/Osteopathic Medicine degree as granted in the U.S. as a medical degree leading to licensure as an Osteopathic Physician; but rather the historic Doctor of Osteopathy or D.O. degree offered throughout the world in the original drugless Osteopathy of Dr. Andrew Still. This is a drugless or natural medical degree, not a medical degree. ?

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